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From Concept to Completion

JAX Construction, Inc.

is your partner for success in every construction project.

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Construction Plans

Project Management

Managing a project from the initial Concept all the way through Completion, JAX has the unique skill set of pre-construction planning for budgets, schedules and developing clear and concise scopes of work. This early phase planning sets the groundwork for a successful project. The groundwork also allows for the key stakeholders on your team to make simple decisions with the pros and cons lined out for each option. We also lay out the expected outcomes for each decision in simple terms our non-construction team members understand. Our team will utilize our extensive experience to take your concept to each and every phase of construction well informed with real world expectations.

Technicians at Work

Design Constructibility Review and Site Investigation  

A key component of any successful project, especially the complicated projects that JAX excels, is reviewing construction documents. JAX reviews the documents for errors, complicated systems that can be simplified, and conflicts between trades. Working with the design teams to reduce change orders and delays to the project from incomplete documents and contradictions, as a team member, is one reason we are constantly referred for projects from our previous design teams.

Another important part of this process that JAX takes great pride in is our site investigations for existing conditions. Unforeseen conditions are greatly reduced, directly effecting project timelines and budgets.

Construction Site

Value Engineering

A benefit to utilizing JAX on your project team is our extensive experience over a large range of project types. From occupied infrastructure projects to new construction facilities, JAX team has had the opportunity to experience a multitude of different systems and construction approaches that gives us a background to provide value engineering services to keep projects on schedule and on budget. 

Graphic Design Office

Estimating and Budget Control

Utilizing our extensive contracting experience in your favor, we provide our estimating services at all phases of construction. From accurate conceptual budgets to detailed pre-construction estimates, our team will develop useful planning tools for your team to be able to manage the expectations from the beginning of the project. We provide detailed reports showing reasons for cost changes, ways to mitigate any cost increases and recommended scope changes to keep the project on track.

JAX provides similar services during the course of construction as well. The ability to review proposed change orders from the perspective of the General Contractor gives your team a distinct advantage in negotiations.

Construction Workers

Quality Assurance

As a former Quality Control Manager for some of the largest medical projects completed in California, the team at JAX takes pride in our ability to review construction quality at every phase of the project. We believe in a zero punch list approach to the project and point out quality deficiencies when they are happening, not waiting for the project to be complete to raise concerns.  

Looking Over Architectural Plans

Project General Contracting

Every client that works with JAX Construction, Inc. understands very quickly that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

As a licensed General Contractor in California, JAX has a unique ability to handle unique situations that other CM firms just can't handle: General Contracting.

We will take advantage of our ability to complete projects without third-party GC's when the need arises.

Does the demolition being completed prior to bid help with streamlining a fast-track project and reduce delays? JAX will handle it. 

Is there a phase of the project that would be best handled after the major components are complete to save time and money for the overall project? JAX will handle it. 



From Concept to Completion


Established as a leader in the Construction Management/Owner Representation field for over a decade, JAX Construction, Inc. was formed to continue providing Owners with a trusted team member that will take personal ownership of every project from Concept to Completion.

Our background as General Contractors as well as Owner Representatives is what sets us apart. We understand problems with construction projects during every phase of the project, the difference is our experience handling issues from both perspectives allows for us to respond quickly in form and function the most effective way for the project to progress, stay on schedule and on budget.



Year Established


Projects Completed






JAX takes care of his clients, not just looking for the big project. I know that I can call JAX and give them an eye wash replacement or removal of a couple of OR equipment booms all the way to a ground up build and it will be handled with professionalism and accuracy. He will determine the best approach for each facility and each problem and solve it as if it were his own project outcome.

Oren Shill - Regional Vice President

                    Surgical Care Affiliates


JAX is a hands-on manager and takes ownership of his work. He understands budgetary concerns and timelines associated with our industry. He is able to adapt to unforeseen challenges which undoubtably arise on every project. His intimate knowledge and experience, especially noted in the medical field, makes JAX unique. Our organizational leadership, physician partners and service providers would all agree that he has been a major component to our success from a construction management standpoint.

Shannon Blakeley - Chief Operating Officer

                                  ASC Solutions




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